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Playing on the Computer


      Although computer technology can be complex in its most advanced form, we believe that the building blocks of Mobile Technology are often concepts that are grasped easier by youth than adults! Our mission is to provide learning goals, opportunities, and activities that are tailored specifically for the elementary and middle-school age students to receive and obtain theoretical and hands-on application of computer and electrical engineering concepts. 


     Our after-school programs focus mainly on Computer-Science fundamentals, such as programming and user interface design.  Our Summer Camps add more in-depth Computer Science objectives, along with Electrical Engineering inspired projects (e.g. circuit design), and dedicated time to increase typing proficiency. Our learning is primarily accomplished through short presentations on learning topics, tutorial based projects, and exploration time with mobile devices.


     Learning goals are broken up into segments that are optimal for the attention span and needs of our students.  Equally, our curriculum is customized based on each student's age and experience/knowledge levels of the subject.   Please reference the sections below for an example of the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering topics covered within our curriculum:

Topics We Cover

Core Curriculum

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