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App Design

Ideal For Ages

Ages 10 - 13

Core Curriculum

Levels 200


Sign your camper up for the excitement of App Development as they design, code, and enhance Android Apps with their own sounds, images, and more!

Core Curriculum

This technology adventure matches best with Core Curriculum Levels 100 & 200.

No prior coding experience is necessary for this camp. However, 300-level students who take this camp will look into both block-based languages (AppInventor) & text-based languages (Java)  for creating apps.

Find Your Camp!

App Design is now part of our Technology Core Curriculum! Sign-up for any* Adventure camp and campers will receive introduction to App Design labs during their Core Curriculum Classes.

*Note: This excludes our 1st-3rd grade campers (level 50) who may not be ready for App Design quite yet!

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