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Ideal For Ages

Ages 9 - 13

Core Curriculum

Levels 100 & 200


Has your student ever wanted to make their own YouTube Channel? Well, here's there chance to learn how to create, edit & upload videos for social media in a safe, responsible way!

YouTube Content Creator

Content  Creator Camp focuses on learning and practicing making various types of video content (challenges, tutorials, etc.) that can be shared safely on social media.

Our Staff will be the "video producers" for your Video Stars as they provide a provide platform channel for only parents/guardians to view ... leaving the kids to focus on what they do best: Getting LIVE and ACTIVE in their favorite activities.

Campers will also focus on safeguards for kids to use social media in a safe, responsible, and exciting way! Extensive editing and producing videos is not covered in this camp but primarily focused on in the follow-up version of this camp.

YouTube Channel Maker

This is the adventure camp  for your wonder-kid as they’ll learn the ins and outs of producing videos for their social medial channel in a safe, responsible, and exciting way!

Campers will make their own content and also be given videos to transform, edit, add audio to and be SILLY WITH for their video creations! What will they make? Let's find out!

Core Curriculum

This technology adventure matches best with Core Curriculum Levels 100 & 200. No prior coding experience is necessary for this adventure.

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